Ideal for parents and 1:1 tutors, trugs is a high quality synthetic phonics reading resource that is based on traditional card games, so you can help your child through the process of learning to read without needing any training!

Play the games at each of the 5 stages in each box.

The synthetic phonics structure has been put into three boxes totalling 15 stages. Each stage builds on the one before, making it easy to follow.

Every time a child plays the card games, they are practising, reinforcing and consolidating a reading stage without realising it because of the fun element in the games. The card games, (called Get it, Match it and Take it) are fun and competitive, they hardly notice the reading element and that’s why trugs works and that’s why your children will want to come back for more – to win or to beat you!

Readers of all ages, not just those with dyslexia, can improve their reading by playing trugs.

Example: Box 1 of 3 – First stages of phonics

Stage Word examples
Stage 1 consonant-vowel-consonant sat yes big fox hug
Stage 2 c-c-v-c pram shall trip snack
Stage 3 c-v-c-c and c-c-v–c left best crash drank
Stage 4 two syllable words magnet instruct
Stage 5 ‘ar’ – ‘or’ – ‘er’ car port standard

Each Box contains:

  • 360 cards making 15 Card Games
  • 1 Instruction Booklet

(Range of words are compatible with, but virtually all different to, the words included in the school boxes)